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Smile Makeover Nyc

A smile shows confidence and professionalism. It also shows how sociable and approachable you are. A significant role in how bright that smile is your teeth. When you do not smile, you’re saying you are either being intimidated or do not like the person you are meeting. This does not make an excellent first impression.

What a smile makeover NYC entails depends on what you need. Our dentist is a master, and he understands how complicated this can be. For him to give you that beautiful smile may be done in just one visit but may take several visits to accomplish. Rest assured the doctor will use everything at his disposal to make that smile happen. This is why we call it a smile makeover NYC.

Many people feel self-conscious about their smile. Millions of Americans have smiles they hate, yet they are scared to go to the dentist. If fear of the pain and discomfort of a dentist visit has you fearful, then note that there are new technology and techniques that significantly reduce that. The NYC dentist wants to help you get that smile back so you can greet people with confidence.

There are also other benefits to a great smile. Smiling improves your quality of life. Smiles are contagious. It is one of the communications used the most.  Smiling contributes to longer, healthier life and better quality life. This is according to research done at Wayne State University in Michigan. Regardless of why you smile, the smile releases and helps produce natural “happy” chemicals in your body like serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine.Smiling also can help increase your productivity and performance at work.

What does a Smile Makeover NYC Consist of?

Your teeth may need to be whitened. This is one of the most common components in the smile makeover. Most people enjoy things like juice, coffee or cigarettes. These will discolor and stain the teeth and dull your smile. Having your teeth whitened can take care of this.

A chipped tooth could also be a component od smile makeover. Chewing on hard things can chip a tooth. Other causes could include being in an accident or being head-butted.  For this, you would need a porcelain crown. A crown will encase and regain your smile while protecting the tooth.

Another component of the smile makeover NYC is a gummy smile.  This occurs when you are showing more gum than teeth when you smile. It leaves you feeling your smile is unwanted and can make you self-conscious. You take pictures close-lipped.  There are two options for a gummy smile. One is a gingivectomy that reduces the amount of gum showing in a smile. The other is crown lengthening.

The last component is inconsistent tooth size. One of the best remedies for this is porcelain veneers. Porcelain will go around the tooth and strengthens it. All these procedures are geared to give you back that beautiful smile you have been wanting. It may consist of one or all these components but will be well worth it.

Smile Makeover Nyc