Hidden Gem Restaurants in Richmond, British Columbia

restaurants in richmond

The year is still young, and opportunities to seek out new dining places in Metro Vancouver are available. Richmond, BC sets the standard when it comes to dining given the wide variety of culinary traditions that it offers. It is an ideal dining destination with the many old and new restaurants coming up in the area. There are also several hidden gem restaurants in Richmond, BC, and below are some that you can try out in your dining expeditions in 2018.

I Love Fish, 132-4200 No. 3 Road

Many exciting restaurants have been cropping up in Richmond over the past few years, and I Love Fish is one of those that stand out from the rest. As the name suggests, this eatery specializes in Chongqing style fish hot pot. The eating area features pop art with lots of colors complemented by some of the most helpful servers you can find in town. Upon arrival, you will receive a laminated menu to check your options.

All soups in this place come with cod slices though still customizable with different flavors – tomato, soy or curry. We recommend the hot spicy version although you should be warned – even the mild broth burns the tongue. Ingredients for the bubbling broth include yam, noodles, beef tripe, seafood balls and tofu knots.

Ichigo Ichie Ramen, 150-11060 No. 5 Road

This joint is in East Richmond and features an elegant stone-tiled wall, funky lights, and is invitingly bright with a hip vibe. You can place your order on a paper sheet to customize your ramen bowl. The choices you have include mayu, vegetable, miso, shio, and shoyu ramen. You also have options regarding pork, chicken, or vegetable broth. Other ingredients include seasoned egg, sweetcorn, nori, and pork belly. A variety of rice bowls are also available, including spicy cod roe, plus chicken and gyoza garage.

Ginger Indian Cuisine, 490-9100 Blundell Road

This joint is a new branch of the Ginger Indian Cuisine (140-3031 Beckham Place). The new location means their particular Indian cuisine is now available to more food lovers. It features modern interiors and promises classic Northern Indian dishes like spinach paneer, chicken or lamb korma, lamb rogan josh, and butter chicken. You also get all types of naan and saffron pilau alongside other new delicacies in the latest branch, such as marinated chicken wings, coated calamari, and grilled ground lamb sheesh kababs. Chai for you to sip would not miss in this joint.

Mr. Black Restaurant, 2790-4151 Hazelbridge Way

Mr. Black Restaurant presents diners with beautiful-looking dark-hued décor exuding a unique vibe about the place. The menu in this restaurant emphasizes Japanese katsu alongside other deep-fried delicacies. You can get the following, battered fried chicken, wagyu beef, plus pork and seafood katsu. One of their specials is the deep-fried wagyu beef cutlet, which comes ready for whatever style you want to grill it on the table. The restaurant promises a light flavor and crispy texture to your meal despite the high levels of deep-frying involved in the preparation of the delicacy. To balance your indulgence, you will also get some tasty fruit salad.

Chiu Chow Cuisine, 1080-8580 Alexandra Road

Chiu Chow Cuisine has an extensive menu with braised duck, cold crab oyster omelet, steamed chicken in bean paste, and braise egg and tofu. When you visit this place, ensure you try out the Chiu Chow-style rice noodle soup comprised of fish balls and seaweed for one hell of a dish. You can then finish it off with some snacks such as sugar-filled, deep-fried taro bars.

Make your eating adventure worthwhile by trying out these places. There is also more to spice up your 2018, but you should try these five first. Happy dining!

This information was written by Dr. Ryan Kaltio, General Dentist

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