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TruVida Recovery is one of the leading drug rehabs in Orange County with the best team of medical professionals and evidence-based treatments. We offer excellent inpatient, intensive outpatient, and outpatient addiction treatment at affordable prices.

Steps to take if a drug addict refuses treatment

Start by deciphering the situation. If your loved one is in the early stages of addiction, you can sit with them one-on-one and make them understand the importance and benefits of joining rehab. If you realize that your loved one has gone too far, it’s important to stage an intervention to help your loved one understand and embrace rehab treatment. If you are the instigator in your loved one's addiction situation, do not fund them with money to buy drugs.

Make sure to consistently reassure them that you are always there for them and be cautious not to be judgemental of their behavior. Instead, express your love and concern to them in simple conversations and everyday activities. With timid and non-confrontational discussions with them, you should start noticing positive changes in their behavior over time. If they are fighting with addiction, there may come a time when they will finally come clean about their addiction to you. This may be the proper time for you to convince them to get into rehab.

Advantages of inpatient drug rehab

Inpatient rehab helps you overcome addiction in a safe, supportive, and serene environment without any distractions, which can help you to stay focused on treatment. In a rehab facility, you will have access to medical professionals 24/7, and you are a lot less likely to relapse after inpatient treatment.

We are one of the few drug rehabs in Orange County to develop a custom treatment plan for each of our residents. We engage our patients in a series of behavioral therapies, counseling sessions, and support groups daily to help them overcome addiction and to help them attain long-lasting sobriety.

How to choose an inpatient addiction treatment center?

Getting sober on your own can be extremely challenging and also dangerous in individuals suffering from moderate to severe levels of addiction. Here is some critical advice on choosing the right addiction treatment center:

  • Type of treatment offered - Choose a facility that specializes in offering evidence-based treatments and therapies. For instance, if you suffer from bipolar disorder, make sure to choose a center that excels at offers the best treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders.
  • Aftercare program and sober living options - It is imperative to choose a center that offers the best aftercare programs and sober living arrangements to help you stay focused on sobriety. 
  • Staff credentials and facility licensing - Make sure to choose a center with highly skilled professionals with first-class credentials. Also, choose a facility that has important licenses and accreditations to get the best addiction treatment.

At TruVida Recovery, we aim to equip our recovering addicts with effective coping mechanisms to help them overcome triggers and cravings. We are one of the few drug rehabs in Orange County to be accredited by JCAHO.

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