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We offer an unparalleled focus on exceptional customer service that our patients can depend upon for all their dental needs from cavities and gum disease, wisdom teeth extractions or implants surgery.

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Extensive Range of Dental Services

You will always find the right solution for your oral health needs at our dental office. We’re here to help you achieve a lifetime of beautiful smiles! We provide full-service dental care services from simple cleanings, fillings or root canal treatment to full smile makeovers complete with porcelain veneers.  Aside from the excellent general and cosmetic dentistry that we provide, we work with a team of excellent specialists most conveniently located in the same building to minimize hassle and travel time.

Our highly trained hygienists know how to make you feel comfortable during a cleaning. You’ll love the way your mouth feels after one of our cleanings, and we use ultrasonic technology that will leave it feeling healthier than ever before!

Metal Free Fillings

We use high-strength resin or porcelain to repair teeth instead of old fashioned silver mercury fillings. Our white fillings look and feel great while blending in perfectly with your dentition, making them ideal for patients who want their smile back!

A missing tooth can cause you to lose more than just the ability chew food and talk clearly. A collapsed bite is also a possibility with long term consequences, like impaired chewing function or an esthetic issues. Dental Implants are safe, predictable, and  state-of-the art option for replacing lost teeth that last forever!

We provide emergency dental services in our office on a first-come, first-serve basis from  Monday-Thursday 7 am to 4 pm.

If you are suffering from any dental pain, don’t wait. Book an appointment with our Richmond Dentist Dr. Kaltio to provide emergency relief for tooth aches, cracked or chipped teeth as well as infections that may be present on your mouth from an abscessed root canal treatment site or other symptoms instantly!

Metal Free Crowns and Bridges

With the latest technology, Dr. Kaltio is able to restore your teeth with metal-free crowns that are virtually undetectable for all those who wear them!

A root canal is the best way to save your tooth if it has become infected and can no longer be saved.  This usually happens when the tooth has been damaged and there is not enough healthy tooth left. Root canals are performed if too much of the healthy part of your tooth has been damaged, but we will talk about that before we do any treatments so that we don’t do them needlessly!

No more rail road track metal braces. The clear aligners will straighten your teeth without any metal wires or brackets in sight and it doesn’t hurt like regular wire-on appliances! Most cases are less than a year. We offer monthly payment plans for this procedure.

We believe that dental care should be a first class experience, which is why our office offers complimentary coffee and tea in addition to juice while waiting in the reception area.

In addition we provide pillows that cradle your neck and back as well as blankets to keep warm during treatment; there are also ceiling mounted televisions with headphones so it’s easy enough not only listen but watch something too if need be.

At end of procedure, each patient will receive an individually wrapped moist terrycloth towel which can then easily get rid off all those sweat marks on their clothes from sitting around doing nothing (yikes!).

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In response to the COVID -19  pandemic, and to ensure our office is free from viruses and bacteria, 5 JADE units have been installed.
Surgically Clean Air’s JADE Air Purifier is a Medical Grade Air System that is One Of The Most Advanced on the Market.

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