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The older citizens do not always need a regulated and supervised nursing home to enjoy a healthy and older age. This case does not mean that your loved one should not enjoy a nursing home or assisted living facility because they will still be able to reap the many convenient benefits. Fortunately, you can find these options between the independent living community and the over 55 communities in Simi Valley CA. Do you know the difference between the two?

What is senior housing?

Senior housing is a more significant category of assisted living because it entails the real estate market of the industry. Any accommodation that targets the older generation falls under the senior housing category. Independent and 55+ living are both possible through the senior housing project.

Independent living

Independent living is suitable for healthy and active adult who only needs a little social support. This style excludes the following services:

  • Daily management of routines
  • Managed healthcare routines or personal hygiene
  • Medication

The included benefits and services include:

  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Emergency response service
  • Secure living space in the campus
  • Availability of utilities like garbage disposal, sewer drainage, cable TV and water systems
  • Dining plan for fresh and nutritious meals

55+ living

This assisted living program is available to all senior citizens who are sufficiently independent; hence it is also known as an active adult community. Most of these communities attract clients who simply want to enjoy the lifestyle’s convenience. The facilities are often within neighborhoods that can support the provided recreational activities, such as:

  • Theaters
  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping

55+ communities do not have a meal plan and checkup services. You can, however, enjoy dining at the communal room and pay an extra amount for maintenance services like the daily upkeep of the home. The plan is pricier than the independent living plan because it does not include comprehensive care services.

What is the right age of moving into a senior living community?

There is no definite number that qualifies one for the senior living program. Most organizations will accept any candidate above the age of 55, but will always register candidates who are at least 60 years old. You can benefit from the service when you understand the broader range of services available from different living communities, and how they can help your current lifestyle.

Factors determining the best age for a 55+ living community


Senior living communities offer many different amenities that can support many different body conditions. It is essential to find a dining service that includes all the nutritious options that promote a healthy body and mind.


Do not hesitate to contact us for living accommodation when you do not feel safe in your home. Varenita is a safe home with all the technology to promote security and ensure the mobility of all residents with optimal safety.  

Social life

A significant advantage of 55 communities in Simi Valley CA is the ability to have fun and make friends through daily activities. We have opportunities for residents to nurture better emotional and mental health through many different hobbies and social events.

Our team abides by many different rules that create a trustworthy environment. Contact us to make inquiries on the limited spaces and let us fit you in fast.


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